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Me and my mate Amy

Comic collections I've done:
Pirate Booty
Say no to bee bullying

This calls for a Memory Eraser
Hollow Creek Halls
Halloween Drawtober Challenge

Hi, I'm Simon Johnson and I like to make stuff. I'm an Animation graduate from The University of Lincoln, finishing with a second. Since leaving the student life behind I have started producing digital comics for the internet and designing logos and business cards for friends.


In my spare time, I like to play football, run (and sometimes go to the gym) and socialise with my pals.


I'm a massive music fan and I'm never not boogying. Disco and techno are my favourite genres but DNB has a soft spot in my heart.

I aim to produce a new comic once a week, but really I get bursts of enthusiasm, make ten comics in a week or two then take a month off.

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